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--Sept 30th 2019
The final release of this run Joint Statement #04 is now available.
Veteran industrialist and activist Nigel Ayers AKA Nocturnal Emissions provides some funky politicised electronica and Bir (AKA Larry Crywater) takes us on a noisy trip.

--Sept 4th 2019
Better late than never, Joint Statement #03 is here.
This month we have two tracks from long-time friend and support of NiO elizabeth veldon, trying something a little out of the ordinary.
The climax comes from Graeme Hopper AKA Chlorine

--July 24th 2019
Short notice for a lot of people, but Joint Statement #02 is coming out on Friday 26th July!
This issue features multi-talented sound constructor, instrument engineer and pioneer of 'mechanical techno' Mr Graham Dunning partnering up with free-wheeling Dutch improv trio Lärmschutz
(and coincidentally not for the first time). Lärmschutz contacted me via the Bandcamp contact link and volunteered their services - feel free to do the same or catch me on Twitter @chickenf1sh

Currently we have contributions in the pot from elizabeth Veldon, Bir and Nocturnal Emissions, with tracks on the way from Hawthonn (ft Gretchen from Guttersnipe!), Plastic Face (with Russ Smith from Terminal Cheesecake), Aeons & Monuments, Eastern Fear Ritual and more.

--Midsummer's Day 2019
The turning point of the year is marked by the inauguration of our Joint Statements series of split releases.
Very chuffed to have veteran of musty, dubbed-out electro
Ekoplekz and new face on the scene Liv Radigue (who has previously released on elizabeth Veldon's new label 'a hand raised in blessing') on this first issue.
Find it on Bandcamp