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The idea of Noise In Opposition started with the witnessing in 2012 of one of noise’s few (at the time) feminist voices effectively being bullied out of the ‘scene’ by the kind of angry young men which have become such a common and ugly feature of online communication. They (mostly) would have denied being ‘political’ but what they did was a political act.

I thought it was time for people in avant electronics to say “Fuck you. Your lazy far-right imagery and moronic hate speech does not represent us.” I put out a call for like-minded people to contribute to a compilation. The response was great: Noise In Opposition Volume 1 featured 24 diverse artists from Hacker Farm to elizabeth Veldon and before it was even released I was getting messages from people wanting to appear on Volume 2.

I didn’t want to restrict things to just putting out compilation albums, though, so also worked with elizabeth veldon to release two exclusive and explicitly anti-fascist recordings by her.

Then life got in the way, as it does, and NIO languished for a while.

Until now, when the fucking state of the world insisted it be addressed by any means necessary. One of those means being music – hence the re-invigoration of Noise In Opposition, with Luke Lund’s vicious “Red Flag” EP, and the massive multimedia statement of Noise In Opposition Volume 3.

Reclaim the noise|Drown out the hate

-Mark Chickenfish 2018